What do all the ingredients in our personal care products do to our bodies? Why are there so many ingredients that cannot be pronounced behind our cosmetic bottles? We did some studying to find out and weren't so amused with some of the stuff we discovered. Emels was born out of a desire for clean, eco-friendly beauty products that are also effective. Our passion is to contribute to a healthier lifestyle and better environment through the promotion of all-natural and organic beauty products. We understand that cosmetics have become part of our daily lives. It is, however, our firm belief that beauty enhancement can be achieved without compromising purity and wellbeing of the user. We are here to help you achieve that. The products we carry are attained from nature’s finest sources and are free from parabens, sulfates, and potentially harmful chemicals.


Our Mission

Empowering you to look and feel good without compromising well-being, through the retail of natural products that are truly wholesome; benefiting both the individual and the environment.


Our Vision

Contribute significantly to the reduction in use of hair and skin care products that contain potentially harmful elements through awareness and supply of healthy, natural cosmetics.